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Dec 31, 2012 4:30am EST
. >>> hillary clinton has traveled more than any secretary of state in u.s. history. she has visited 112 countries, and has been on the road more than 400 days in her tenure. >>> hundreds of thousands of men, women, girls and boys gathered across india sunday. they hold memorials for a 23-year-old gang rape victim who died saturday after being transferred to a hospital in singapore. the woman's attack and now death has sparked debates in india. >> both men and women, we need to raise our voices. we see anything wrong happening, we need to raise our voice. with us or in our sur roundings. >> her accused attackers now face murder charges in this case. >>> here are some of the other stories making news noi. nine people are dead, 20 more injured after a tour bus crash in pendleton, oregon. the bus crashed through a guardrail and plummeted down a steep embankment. the bus driver was seriously injured in the crash. >>> a near tragedy in the mountains above los angeles. people were sledding on an icy pond when one male fell through and five rescuers fell into the freezing water. after several f
Dec 18, 2012 4:30am EST
serving u.s. senator and third in line for the presidency. he was also the first japanese american to serve in congress and a world war ii hero. >> all of us in hawaii looked up to him and we are so sad to see him go. >> reporter: inouye was born in hawaii in 1924 and believed of being a surgeon but he heard the called to arms when japanese planes flew over his home to bomb pearl harbor. he served in italy and lost an arm to a german grenade leading a battle that won him the medal of honor. >> everything became a bit crazy, bullets flying all over the place. my arm through off. i looked for the grenade because i knew it was in my hand. there it was still clutched and i peeled it off and threw it at the enemy. >> reporter: inouye was elected to the u.s. house of representatives in 1959, the same year hawaii became a state. he won a seat in the senate three years later where he served eight and a half terms. >> he was a man who as we all know rarely called attention to himself but who lived a remarkable american life filled with dignity and grace of the true hero that he was. >> repo
Dec 24, 2012 4:30am EST
years old. he was the second longest serving senator in u.s. history. >>> a loudoun county police dog missing since last friday has been found. bronco, the german shepherd, ran away while on a visit to the groomer. the sheriff's deputy put out an alert and several people called in to say they spotted him. he was found on ivan dale road in the county and is said to be okay. >>> the dash to get those last- minute gifts is on but another place that's been getting a lot of business is the grocery store. people are not only interested in gathering around the christmas tree but also around the christmas dinner table. surae chinn reports on the quest for preparing the perfect holiday dinner. >> a little busy here today. >> we're glad it's not insane. we just want to begin and go home. >> reporter: there's a lot to do before christmas and many to cook for. >> we have eight total and we're cooking for three vegetarians. >> we have seven this year. >> i'm beginning to panic a little bit but i'm okay. as long as the redskins win today, we'll be good. >> reporter: barbara has her menu. >> we're p
Dec 6, 2012 4:30am EST
in pakistan say three suspected militants were killed in a u.s. drone attack. in the last few months, american officials have privately admitted the strikes have killed several al qaeda and taliban commanders. >>> three people were killed overnight in clashes in egypt. supporters of president mohamed morsi battled protesters outside the palace. demonstrators are trying to stop a referendum on the new constitution. the constitution was written by conservative supporters of morsi without contribution from liberal legislators or religious minorities. >>> there has been a significant drop in illegal immigration after nearly a decade of steady increases. according to the latest census, the number of illegal immigrants in the united states was estimated at 11.1 million in 2011. that's compared to the peak of 12 million in 2007. researchers say the weak economy in the united states is what's causing the decline. >>> busy signals, dropped calls, all too familiar afor instances for people -- aannounces for people who use 911. but one congressman is blaming verizon wireless for the problems. >> jerry co
Dec 7, 2012 4:30am EST
. apple originally made its computers in the u.s. but began outsourcing in the mid-1990's. t mobile will begin selling apple's iphone next year. it will become the last of the four largest carriers to offer the best selling device. analysts say adding the iphone may help t mobile lure more customers to long-term contracts and hold on to more subscribers. people are still loving the iphone, even with the dom nance of the samsung galaxy starting to take over. >> except mike. >> and derek, hello. >> who's learning. >> they're all good. >> somebody will have it under their tree i'm sure. >>> two months after montgomery county repaired a pothole riddled street, a utility company announced plans to dig it up again. >> don't you hate that? 9news returns in two minutes with more on that story. plus, your weather first. >>> good morning. welcome back to 9news now. it is 4:44 on friday. now it's a yellow alert day which means what? >> well, we have the yellow alert because that moisture is moving on in. it could affect the commute this morning for folks who are heading out a little bit later.
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5